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I never hunt the same spot continually, I may go back to a hot spot 3 or 4 times during the season.  Taking 6 each time if things goes well. The spots I hunt are sometimes large acres. But if it is private land and the spot is small, say 50 acres or less I personally would not take more than 30 squirrels from there. However squirrels move in when food is plentiful and out when scarce. In my area some of the old Fox squirrels seem to stay around no matter how hard times get, but the grays will move out as soon as whatever they are cutting on is gone.  The squirrels in your woods could pack up and leave & be miles away in a few days. Squirrel Migration. Even though I know they may not stay , I still hate to take too many from a hot spot, just incase they don’t move out. I usually kill between 60 to 100 squirrels a year and eat everyone, except the few I give to some friends who can’t hunt.