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“fe7565”Looks very good, but heavy at 9.4lbs unscoped.   Even their Pulsar is too heavy.

It looks like a br/ target stock. They are meant to be heavy for stability. That weight is consistent with other br / target rifles made RAW, FX, Steyr etc.

The extra weight comes from all those adjustable features. They weigh a ton on any stock I have ever seen with them. The adjustable buttplate can weigh 2lb+ on it’s own. Target rifle often use heavier barrels too. 

Weight is more of a factor on hunting stocks. 

Btw, I noticed that the stated weight of the pulsar has been adjusted down. Not sure if the original numbers were wrong or if Daystate out the gun on a diet but, if the weight it currently states is accurate, then it’s not heavier than most other bullpup air guns.