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I want to say thanks as well to all that contribute to this forum.  I want to thank the Moderators for the tireless work involved to keep this what it is.  I have an extensive background in long range ballistics, shooting and have had some of the best training available from Uncle Sam but when I got into the PCP’s I realized that they are a different animal.  A lot of the information is transferable but when I started building and repairing these airguns I found the expertise right here, or directions to those that have the expertise and I am glad to be a part of this social air gun revolution.  Thanks to all.
I am retired now from trekking around the world to those places we all see on the news, I miss some of it, I miss my squad members but retirement is getting better as I work with several Veterans with PTSD.  It takes a lot of time for the healing, this is working and I find them settling in when attention is diverted to something that is familiar.  We read this forum, mess with the air rifles and talk. Talk, talk a lot.  Watch the videos and under a very controlled environment get some shooting in without the noise.  
Again thanks.