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My .22 Wildcat falls off the reg at 140 BAR as well.

I found out (the airgun started to open up the groups big time, after cleaning no improvement whatsoever) that the brass hammer spring tensioning screw at the back is very loose. It had unwindened itself all the way(!), so I had only 10 Joules (7 fpe) worth of energy coming out of the gun through the chrony…
I screwed it back in till it could not go further but the pellet velocity was too high, (290m/s and no hole in hole grouping)  so I adjusted it to get the best grouping, which turned out for JSB Heavies (18 grain) 270 m/s and for the regular JSBs (16 grain) 255-260m/s.
Here’s the problem: the brass setscrew is so loose, that it unwinds itself about 3 to 5 degrees after every shot and subsequent cocking of the hammer. (I put a marking stripe on it so I could verify it stays at the same setting I put it, well, unfortunately it does not.)

Is there a fix for this? I think locktite is not a good solution, as I need to be able to change the setting which is 2 and a quarter turn when changing from one pellet type to the other.

Who knows what to do?
Thanks in advance for your time! (and Ernest if you read this: thank you very much for all your shared expertise in your instructional videos, very informative and extremely helpful!)