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I do a lot of barrel work. Airgun barrels can and will lead up to the point that heavy chemicals and brushes are the only possible way to remove the lead. This causes no harm to a quality barrel when done properly. There are a lot of myths in the airgun world and barrels have more myths than most.

No disrespect, but I could run 50 patches with simple green and never get certain bores clean. Keep in mind as velocity increases, so does leading. I have airguns that are extremely accurate, but must be cleaned every 50 to 100 shots and the only way to get them clean is to be aggressive!! After cleaning accuracy is spot on. Other guns I can shoot hundreds of pellets and pull a few patches thru and all is good.

Read some of Coldking’s posts about cleaning the barrel on his ultra high end Thomas. This guy is a highly skilled shooter and owns the best equipment on the planet. What he does to clean the barrel of a $4000 gun should make you rest easy in cleaning airgun barrels.

Again, everything has a right and wrong way. Cleaning a barrel properly posses no threat. I do agree most will get by with a simple pull thru and patch. However, rods, brushes, and even chemicals are needed for some. Rod guides and attention to detail are needed in the case of using a rod.