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I think some folks are still confusing parallax with focus, so I’m going to post a link to what I think is an OK video on this 
The above is long distance parallax, but for this post we are talking about parallax at the other end (up close).

Here is an actual test you can do with your scope:

a) Unload your gun
b) Point the at something maybe 30-50 yards out (adjust the side wheel if you have one).
c) Move your eye slightly up and down and side to side across the scope until you loose the scope picture.  At the extremes, your eye will be far enough out of line with the scope that you’ll loose the scope picture, but the cross hairs should not be “moving” on the target if you scope is parallax free at that distance.
d) Point the gun at something 5 or 7 yards .  Depending on scope it may or may not be a clear picture, but that is ok. 
e) Repeat step c, but watch for the scope hairs “moving” up and down and right to left across your target as you move your eye.  Do your cross hairs float over the target?  
No? You likely have little or no parallax at that distance.
Yes? You now can see Parallax for your scope.  If your eye isn’t consistently in the same location for each shot, your POI is going to float around on the target. You can continue to point at object slightly farther away to see where parallax is minimized (or goes away) for your scope.

If you found this made the subject clearer (cough) I’d be happy to take a +1 accuracy.