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Tony.RWhy risk it at all? There is no reason. Using patchworm Works great so why even consider a brass brush

Agreed. There is no carbon buildup from powder residue. No copper buildup either. You being a fellow powder burner you know how difficult copper is to remove. If you really want to give it a good cleaning……pull some patches through the bore moistened with simple green….available at lowes or home depot. Do this until no lead shows….usually 2 passes…..then pull a couple dry patches through. I will say this…..use enough patches that they’re tight while being pulled through the barrel……just not so tight that they get stuck etc. I think you will find that gets these airgun barrels squeaky clean.
As to the metal of the barrel…….who knows how hard they truely are. The metal composition means nothing other rhan its corrosion resistance……its the heat treat that gives the hardness. Im not a knife maker but my friend Dan Graves is a knifemaker out of Shreveport Louisiana. Without a rockwell hardness tester…..or details of the heat treat……there is no way of knowing how hard the barrel is.
I have tried googling this very question you asked because in the end….I would like to know too. I like knowing details like that.