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Say I’ve got a scope 5-30×50 with minimum parallax of 30 yards. Doesn’t that mean that I should be able to use 30x magnification all the way down to 30 yards?

So if I wanted to shoot 20 yards or less couldn’t I just lower the magnification to say 10x or 20x and still have a clear site picture?

Does it work like that? Im still kinda new to higher end airgunning and optics. 

Would be great tbh, I been looking at some mid/higher tier scopes but most paralax to 30-45 yards and I feel like that is a no go for times when local birds needs some lead to the head at usually 10-20 meters.

That said, I would never use 30x at 10-20 meters. 6 is kinda my go to for short range pesting.