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dfresh4702I had made arrangements with Dave to purchase this rifle. Transferred funds to an acct. for
purchase and he back out of the deal after asking for drivers license info address and such.
dishonest individual not a man of his word…proceed with caution


I believe he is referring to transferring funds into his own bank account. He never sent me money….he never had my email address or anything. He is upset because I explained to him he has only 2 post on this forum and no feedback. I never agreed to hold the rifle for him……….I just had serious reservations due to recent scammers here. Not saying this gentlemen is a scammer…..I just wish he had a more solid profile is all. If he had been my only offer I would have checked into him even more before selling rifle. Im not going to post his info here but he did send me a pic of his face and drivers license…….but the pic was so grainy I cant make out anything/nothing on his license. Ive tried apologizing to him and explaining I never said I would hold the rifle. This is not the place to air out laundry and I apologize to the mods. I will not respond any further on this thread. This is the classifieds.

Link to recent thread of a rifle I sold for those in doubt.