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Do not shoot FX air rifles below 100bar. 
I’m not sure if it is mentioned anywhere. There have been many posts over the years of people who have run into trouble shooting their FX’s below 100. If you have a chronograph, shoot a string until your fps starts to drop off. If you do not have a chronograph, start shooting at the farthest distance you can 50-100yds. Shoot until your shots start to consistently drop, or you get close to 100 bar. When either one of those happens, that’s when you stop (basically). 
I shoot my .25 WC from 223 to 143bar which yields approx. 40 consistent (2.15sd) shots. It seems to be the most consistent in this range. I can shoot beyond that, but just choose not to. A .22 shooting the same pressure range should get more shots, I’d guess ~60?. 
Hope that helps.