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Spent several hours, 3 tanks of air @ 150 shots with the X-Sight this morning, no freeze ups, but still can not get good groups at 25 Yards? I re zeroed immediately when my POI was 6+ inches from POA and then again when I was able to get one 3 shot group, after doing so my groups tightened up but where still terrible, sometimes I could hit a 3/8 Bull but most shots where scattered? I gave up, tried everything I could, but felt like I was chasing my tail.

I did everything I could to obtain tight groups, shot early this AM when there was no wind, using a one piece rest with Rifle locked down and even tried it somewhat loose. I am using  JSB 15.89 pellets, single shot adapter, etc.I was never expecting Bench Rest accuracy but these results are not acceptable.

At this moment I can not say with 100%, that there is still a bug in the Software causing my issues but I do suspect so. Unfortunately I do not have another Rifle to test it out on except for my Springers which I may not get the best results with.

My Rifle HW100 .22 has less than 500 shots thru it, all using the X-Sight II since new. I have a unused Scope that I was planning on putting on another Rifle, but I think I will now order a mount and try out this new Scope on my HW100 to help determine the issue.

I suspect the Scope is the culprit, because when I first received the Scope I was shooting Silhouettes at varying distances with rarely a miss, then when I would repeatedly miss, I would check the Scope and find it froze up requiring a reboot, after reboot it would shot well again until the next freeze up.

Also today I tried a power cycle turning unit off and back on and first shot was 6 inches off, in about the same area as my first shot was this morning before re zeroing? second shot was a bull and then back to scattered shots?

Open to any and all suggestions.

My build: