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I put a new scope on my TX200 today and at 35 yards it shoots good enough to get boring. I’ll put it on my bench in the next few days and set it up at 50 yards again.
One thing I have to do with mine is tighten the stock screws before a shooting session. Loctite doesn’t seem to keep that from happening. One funny thing happened today while I was shooting an assortment of 177 and 22 air rifles. I decided to get out my 2260 co2 out and shoot it some. It wouldn’t hit a 2ft square box? This rifle will hit all pellets in a one inch square at 35 yards. So put a new co2 cartridge in it and still couldn’t hit anything……………you don’t have to be smart to miss a target putting 177 pellets in a 22 bolt action ;)