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Thanks Txboy, I was aware of the off-spec spacing of the picatinny rail slots on early Impacts, and that issue was addressed by FX on the later guns. I had read Sharroffs comment below regarding the problems he was having fitting his Atlas bipod to his Impact.

“The Atlas bipod has a button to quick release (remove it) from a gun.  The mount on the Impact is far enough off spec to not let that work correctly.  Yes, you can mount the bipod on the gun and tighten the screw, but you can’t hit the quick release button to remove it.  You need a screw driver to remove it.  That or the bipod doesn’t firmly attach and everything is loose and floppy if the bipod can be quick released.  It works correctly on my AR but not the Impact.  This is confirmed with other Impact owners.”

My comment 2 posts previous was regarding Sharroff’s experiences as I have found the the Atlas bipod mounts up firmly and dismounts quite easily as it does in Ted’s video review. My Impact is one of the latest version, however, Ted’s is the earlier version, and although the scope rail spacing was out of spec, Ted doesn’t seem to have had issues with mounting his Atlas bipod the lower picatinny rail.