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Don’t be too critical about how they feel as you put them in the gun . My old 25 cricket shot JSB heavies Mark1 pellets out of this world !! But when they chambered you could feel them being crushed a little .
How they perform downrange is all that matters . But if it’s a break barrel rifle and the pellets are too big or small its hard to close barrel without damaging skirts . The guys here are extremely helpful but there is almost nothing that is written in stone with Airguns.
Learn what you can from the guys but always give your own experiences a little more weight than written words from a stranger . INCLUDING ME lol..
Some of the guns , pellets , and scopes I wouldn’t buy again on a dare other guys swear by . But if you hear repeatedly that XYZ item is crap that’s usually the case . Its a lot like any other sport , if you buy the better stuff it usually pays off .
And a pellet that is awful in the gun you have now , might be the PERFECT pellet for the next . Your gonna be like the rest of us and have a shelf full of pellets before long :)