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“kkarmical”Ok I pass through Redding all the time heading up to fish the upper Sac River, if I stay overnight I take all my fly fishing gear out of my truck and into my motel room with me, heck I even go for two beds and lay all my gear out on the second bed.
And my gear $ is no where near all the stuff this guy is “reporting stolen out of his truck”…  
I have insurance to cover theft, but I still take it out of my truck and not leave it in sight of would be thieves.
Something isn’t right with this story, sounds like insurance scam, wonder if he left a neon flashing sign on the top of his truck, with the doors open to me.
I see plenty of meth using tweakers in Redding, I guess there are crack head around but tweakers I see all over the place especially at motels.

You must not know the guy that this happened to. He is a very respectable airgunner and definitely not an insurance scam.

You’re right I don’t know the guy or the guys that took his things, but those that do should advise him that leaving that much stuff in a truck is not such a good idea.  
Not trying do kick a guy that’s down but jeez, thieves make a living off of these ‘respectable’ type guys all the time.

“Not trying to kick a guy while he is down”…….But that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing?!?!?!
Trust me he is fully aware (after the fact) and is beating himself up more than you could.
Lecturing the poor guy after he gets his rifles stolen? Not cool at all.