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“JohnL57”I do find myself shooting my springers a lot less since I got into PCPs. I use 3300 psi scuba tanks to fill (I’m too ‘value conscious’ to cough up the bucks for a CF tank) and my guns are tuned for lower fill pressure and don’t make that much power as a result. If I remember correctly my .25 Marauder is doing around 35 ft. lbs. and my .22 is doing just over 20 ft. lbs. The gun that has put my springer in the drawer is a nifty little CZ s200, it’s super accurate and very light and short which makes carrying it a breeze! Having said all that, shooting a springer will teach you a lot about follow through and will definitely make you a better shooter IMO.

I value shop for guns and all shooting accessories including scopes and filling gear.  There are some 45 minute CF tanks made in 2008 on ebay for $135.  You can build a SCBA fill assembly for $75. In my case-I found 3 60 minute (87 cubic feet) CF tanks for under $600.  I gave away my 2 springers after getting a PCP and haven’t looked back.   

Yes, I do know how you feel, after being away from airguns for years and slowly working my way back into it, PCP’s were the last thing I looked at again, I have quite a few of very nice Careers both carbines and rifles, and had to learn how to take them apart and install o rings and all that. When I shot them after not shooting them for some 25-30 years … boy did that bring back memories, I totally forgot how powerful these guns were and how loud  ;-  )

My carbine in 22 is set up for about 16+ shots or so with an average velocity of 975fps (turn PW to adjust power) … that is a powerful gun for sure, the rifle in 22 is set up at over 1000 for about 16 shots (turn the PW for adjustment) and both guns drill aspirins ! I then got a used Sumatra in 25 and I’m lofting out 31gr Barracudas at 965fps+  ….. from there I got a Condor in 25 and now I’m way past the point.of no return !

Both the Career/Sumatra and Condor are not fancy guns and have quirks for sure… but you can’t deny that they are both EXTREMELY powerful and when set up correctly are very accurate.. With these guns both the 22 and the 25 with the right pellet and the correct shot placement, I have no doubt that these guns are Coyote medicine for sure !

I’m looking at a few Hatsan 125’s and some other very nice gas rams in my safe that are going to get the boot very shortly I do believe.