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“Helimech”I started my PCP habit with a .22 Synrod to take out pest squirrels. After a new hammer forged barrel and tuning it to around 33 ft lbs, I pulled the trigger and bought an Impact in .25. Absolutely love the gun. Tons of power and accuracy. Shot count is phenomenal. I thought the Marauder would sit in the safe to rot away, but I find myself using it for certain applications where I don’t need all that power due to what my pellet stopper is ( a shed or something like that). I know the Impact has adjustable power, but I already know my Marauders trajectory and it seems easier to just use it than to learn several different power settings. I also have a huge starling problem at work and I am allowed to take them out on the weekends when I’m not on the clock. I need a low power rifle for that because the best shots I get are indoors and I don’t want to risk damaging anything. I’m very interested in the EdGun Leshiy when it comes out and hopefully they make a 12 ft lb version. It’ll be the perfect hangar gun ( I work in an aircraft hangar). So as much as I love the power of my Impact, I have a need for a full spectrum of power in air rifles. 

I have a few spots that my QB78 and Disco come out and play, and that is usually for pest birds …. If I had your situation my Disco would be used a lot more and I’d probably be shooting CPHP, as they are cheap and darn accurate in my Disco. As a matter of fact I could see myself buying a 12flb Maximus in 177 and I’d have a great time ;- )