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I’ve seen the results of Aarons work and I’m a believer ! I polish my barrels as soon as I get the rifle in used or new .. I spent some time years ago at Shilen Rifles here in Texas .At the time a very popular aftermarket barrel maker . Anyway I always thought of a rifles barrel as something that you should be ever delicate with to prevent damage.
When I saw how they lapped ( polished ) a barrel I was shocked ! There were two Big guys pushing and pulling a gritty mop thru the barrel like they were hand sawing down a tree .
They used 2 different grits and them poured a strong solvent down the barrel to remove any left over compound and then squirted oil inside and went to the next one .
Mr Shilen said its almost impossible to damage a gun barrel by the normal owner as LONG as they don’t damage the crown . The steel in gun barrels are tougher than most guys credit them to be . Yes an airgun barrel isn’t subjected to the kind of pressures that a Powder Burner is but its still tough.
If your gun fouls to quickly , or just want to make sure you are getting the last bit of accuracy out of it why the hell not ??!!
I’ve never heard of a guy saying polishing his bore did anything negative . And its kinda cool when you finish seeing how shiny it is after your hard work .