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“JoeWayneRhea”Bobbed your lucky for SURE !! I’ve never had an easily accessible pellet shoot well ..And I try them in everything . I love my “old school” target rifles but they can be very picky as what they shoot well

In hindsight, I actually used the fella from “myairgunreviews” you tube channel and picked models that did well with cheap off the shelf pellets intentionally.I spent some time plinking spinners last night since it was cool and rainy. I tried to use up the Crosman Pointed 7.4 Gr and my NPS TR77 loves them too. Used up about 25 of them.

the Crosman Ultra Magnum Heavy 10.5 Gr are only avaialble at Dicks and they are almost $14 bux for a 500 count tin. Still not too overpriced considering how well they work. The rest I found at Wally World.