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I have owned a 177 compact for a over two years. On a 220 bar fill it gets over 65 shots at 18.5 fpe. The trigger was decent out of the box and with a little work very good for a bullpup. Mine has the older moderator and is a little louder than an mrod 177 shooting18 – 19 fpe. Recently shot a cricket rifle 177 with the new moderator and its almost silent, Crickets have very little to zero ping.

The synthetic stock is heavier than the wood so I recommend getting wood and if you can find a skeleton get it. Makes the compact easier to handle/carry/shoot off hand. Guy makes a nice aftermarket stock, (the photos of Tony.R above).

Magazines are easy to load and with a little practice putting the 177’s into the mag is a breeze. If you buy a compact pick up 4 extra mags. 

Compact ready for FT

Compact ready for backyard plinking and chipmunk/squirrel/pest bird removal

 Recently tuned by Brain at KS Airguns

Brain tested JSB 10.3 and Crosman 10 .5 at 55 yards.