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You should not tighten down the block all the way to the short tube its suppose to be 1-2 threads shy for clocking the drop down .This was told to me by travis when i replaced my seal I blew when I accidently over filled it.Ernest you should talk To Travis before you dive into his products hes very generous with his time and I find him to be down to earth. Sounds to me like your customer was messing with the adjustments and couldnt get it right. Good thing guys like you are around who know alot about these things. Keep up the good work.

From Ernest’s post it seems that he is using a shim to “clock” the drop down. He posted that without the shim, and not fully seated, it would move up and down.
Not sure how this would happen with 130b on the connection (I know mine does not move, and it is a full 1/8″ from the shroud. I think you could be right with the assessment of customer “messing” with it. Other then turning the HS screw (and replacing the Regulator Piston), I’m not sure how much more “tuning” would be needed.

the results is a bottle that can flex up or down while pressurize and touch the shroud, I place a shim so that all 3 parts can be tightened down and give proper clearance with the shroud and bottle.