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“BigTinBoat”Mine should be here next week, I got a .25 with regulator. Can’t wait…..

Have A .25 regulated Flex in for a tune!

Customer complain of poor shot count and accuracy. 

here are my findings:

1. The hammer spring is way to strong for a reg that is set at 130b. I think this spring is used on non reg .30 and up

here is the new shorter spring to give the hammer a free floating effect like all FX hammer, the results are 64 shots with 12FPS ES from 220b to 130 fill shooting kings at 900fps and vary quiet. before tune she was getting around 30 shots with high ES and sounded like 3 cannon going off in a row.

2. the bottle threaded adapter to main reg chamber air tube is unable to fully thread and bottom out. the results is a bottle that can flex up or down while pressurize and touch the shroud, I place a shim so that all 3 parts can be tightened down and give proper clearance with the shroud and bottle.

more review later.

My Flex did need some adjustment of the HS when I got it. Travis sent me one of the shorter springs, but I was able to get it tuned with just the pre-load adjuster. According to my gauges I have my reg set at approx, 2050lbs. When filling the bottle to 3600psi I can get 72 shots at 808fps (King Heavies) with a ES of 10fps.

Maybe I can do even better if the shorter spring is able to work. The one he sent with my gun is approx 3″ long with a wire diameter of approx .064″. Is that the size of the  one you used? Is it able to “free float” when un-cocked? Thus reducing hammer bounce? Mine is much quieter once I adjusted it, but if I could eliminate the hammer bounce by allowing the hammer and spring to free float when relaxed that should even better the efficiency.

Is the gun you got an “older” one with the JDS Airman regulator? Or one of the newer ones with the Regulator Travis had put together? If the reg is one of the JDS Airman ones you can make the gun perform a LOT better. Take the piston in that reg and throw it out, it’s JUNK. Replace it with one of the Ninja pistons and the reg recovery will be 100 times better and it will no longer have the creep that the JDS reg has. I shared some information with Travis about the reg’s and since my gun he is no longer using the OVERPRICED JDS Airman regs.

Not sure what you mean about the reg bottoming out, and not fully threading. My reg to block is perfect, there is no “adapter. I have the bottle, the reg and the block. No play in it and my bottle is a good 1/8” away from the shroud so no touching there at all.

One additional thing you may want to check on the .25 is the magazine. With mine the King Hvy’s were too big diameter. I used a sanding wheel and enlarged the inner diameter of the magazine case. Now the mag rotates freely with pellets in it. Prior to doing this the pellets would “rub” on the inner wall as it rotated. I think this was slightly deforming my pellets. All fixed now. I routinely get nickel sized groups off a sand bag at 50yds.