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Thanks everyone! JKing, the mounts I’m using are BKL’s, double strap. I like them a lot. I also have FX no limit mounts and those are very nice as well, especially for getting out further distances. I initially had a problem a couple of years ago with a gun that would shoot to the right at closer distances and then to the left at further distances. The axis of the scope was not lined up with the axis of the bore. When trying to figure out the problem I came across some info about how scope rings are not always lined up properly. If you take your rings and place them on the rail so that they are close enough to be touching or almost touching, you will be able to see if they are canted off in different directions. This led me to the BKL mounts. Because of the way they are designed to attach to the rail with an even pinching motion, it completely removes the room for error caused by normal mounts that attach with a clamping motion. The result of course is that you have a much better chance of you scope lining up with the breech / bore more accurately. IIRC the FX no limits mounts that I have lined up well and they are clamping mounts so it isn’t all clamping mounts that have that problem.

I too was having issues running out of scope elevation at longer distances and I’ve since realized that because I don’t shoot that far out very often, I don’t need an 8-32 scope and even when I do reach out that far the 6-24 is still plenty capable. Since the magnification is less on a 6-24 scope, you have a larger field of view through the scope and hence, need less elevation adjustment to be able to see your target. Initially I liked the idea of 8-32 with a side wheel for ranging and even 8-40 or 10-40. However, in my experience, the side wheel ranging while helpful, isn’t always super accurate / repeatable on the less expensive scopes. Hawkes do pretty well with it. Also, the higher mag scopes tend to be heavier and unless you step up to more expensive scopes, the glass can frequently be foggy at full magnification. Maybe one day I’ll step up to a nice Sightron 10-60 or something else really awesome and try it out. 

BTW, to answer your question, I was shooting those groups straight from the magazines. I do have a single shot loader and enjoy using it sometimes, but I find I’m able to maintain a more consistent hold on the gun from shot to shot when I’m using the magazine. Also, when I know I’m going to be putting 60 shots down range at a target it will take less time shooting from the magazine. Plus, I’m a lazy shooter 🙂