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I have Vulcan in .22 WTS. I have after market smooth twist 2 inches longer than factory barrel. Gets about 75 shots 900FPS it’ll max at 955. It shoots very good at 955 I think it shoots best around 935 940. As of now I have her shooting 940’s that is with 18.1 grainers by the way. I’m gonna post some 50 yard groups when I get home. This gun is sweet and dead quite with my after market shroud. It’s all done by Ernest it’s gonna come with a reg tester. I’m gonna install brand new regulator before I sell it. I’m asking 1300 for it shipped to your front door. If interested PM me I don’t have a listing anywhere for it I’ve just been kicking around the idea of selling it. Still not sure 100 percent I wanna sell it. I recently bought the impact and am considering buying multiple calibers for it. It’s a great gun to shoot pellets fly beautifully out of it from 880 to 950. I get like 35 ft lbs at 940 I think. I’ve taken birds out to 120 yards so far. I do a lot of shooting in town behind my store so it has to be silent and that it is. When I get home I’ll make some videos of shooting. Got the hawke and eagle vision I can make a video of whatever you’d like if interested.