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Yea , thanks , It is a well policed clean form, Michael had to put me in my place a couple of times, I did not get my feelings hurt, I just tried to understand.
Just me being stupid and getting used to this form.
I read all the forms I can get on my computer, This sport is so big,
Wait, Really we as air gunners in the USA are very small, That’s right from what I have seen , We are a young growing sport,
Just look at the map at air gun Nation , We are very few and far between,,,,, Now if your not on the map. PLEASE get on it, I like to see my fellow air gunners around me ….
If your new to the sport, Read every thing you can get on every air gun site there is a read, ask questions, Do not fixate on one gun or brand, Look around and spend your money wisely ,
If your an old fart to the sport and know everything , Please post up you knowledge and pass it on ,
Answer the old, (not dumb) Questions the new ones ask over and over again….
There are no dumb questions !!!!!!!!
In the sport hot and heavy