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“plinker”It’s the only forum I’ve ever participated on and the greatest compliment I can give is it is clean. I wouldn’t mind my children reading it and I can show it to my wife without offensive jiggling boob avatars. Only a few members have used provocative avatar pictures. I visited a different colored forum through a link as a guest last year and couldnt believe the pictures and language that was celebrated. I’m not perfect by any means, but you become what you consume. 
   I also like the fact that Michael and company have continually tried to improve the forum and our safety from scammers. It feels more like a family. Although I have not met any of you in person, I feel like I have brothers around the globe. I have thoroughly enjoyed the communication and camaraderie. I have learned a great deal here. I have especially enjoyed the scenery and quarry from around the world. Cheers Airgunnation!

Well said Plinker!