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“hasenpfeffer”Great idea, zebra.  Casting seems a lot more efficient than 3D printing them.  (And judging from your photo, the results are a lot better.)

3d printing can be good if done on high end equipment that uses stereo lithography but a lot of what you see on eBay is done on cheap desktop machines and has a particularly rough unfinished look. For most home users, casting will produce better quality and more accurate results in less time and with less effort imo.

With the price of mags getting ridiculous from some manufacturers, it is well worth the very modest effort.

It’s becoming a matter of principle. I feel like an idiot paying $50+ or even $30 for a tiny piece of plastic. It’s not as if the mags for high-end air rifles are better than the ones you get with Hatsan or Crossman pcp guns for a fraction of the price. Just one man’s opinion.