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If you have a wildcat or any other pcp rifle with non-auto-indexing mags, it is fairly easy to make your own mags for very little money.

I made 5 of these for my Cricket:

It took less than 20 minutes all in (including curing / drying time). Plus, you can get everything you need from your local Michaels art shop (or equivalent).

Just get some “Amazing mold putty” (that’s their name, not mine) or some silicone mold putty. Mix enough of the two parts to cover a mag. Cover your mag in putty. Let it dry. Mine was dry in 37 seconds. I waited 5 mins just to be sure. Cut the mag out without ripping it all apart (easier than it sounds because it stretches). 

Then, get some casting resin (also from Michaels). I used the “amazing casting resin” (also their name, not mine). Mix enough of the two parts (for a mag) using the measuring cups they provide. If you don’t mind white, just pour it into the mold. Or, add resin dye in your chosen color. Wait for it to set. Mine set to rock solid in 3 minutes 30 seconds. I waited 10 mins to be sure and then pulled out my ready to use Cricket mags. No drilling, sanding or finishing of any sort was needed. You can make more mags then you could ever need with one pack of mold putty plus one pack of casting resin. I had plenty left over. 

I ordered mag O rings online. I got enough for 20 mags for $10.