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“TDK”Is a patch really going to remove any lead from the barrel?  I thought you had to break out the brass brush and JB bore paste to get any sort of significant cleaning done.  Asking because I keep seeing different answers on this.

I have a LW polygonal barrel and clean it between BR cards (30 shots or so).  I pull through about 3 cotton patches sprayed with Ballistol, then 3 dry ones.  That usually does the trick.  Then shoot a few sighters to get the barrel to settle down.    For practice, I have shot all three cards without cleaning.  Sometimes I get an unexplained flyer or two near the end of the third card.  This batch of JSB pellets that I’m using seem to have some kind of waxy coating and maybe that’s responsible for the barrel getting dirty so soon.  I hear that most people using these barrels have to clean them more frequently.  Experience is your best teacher.  BTW, I get no lead deposits or lead flakes.