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“regsmeeton”The bad thing is that likely you will never hear the end of this. Every woman I know has an incredible memory for any mistake made by her man. Expect this incident to be brought up any time she does something you disagree with/ disapprove of.

That’s exactly why I blamed the flat tire I caused on “her clipping the curb when parking”. It’s a good idea to take it to get it repaired yourself when this kind of thing happens. My wife is a bit of a Sherlock Holmes and, if left to deal with the auto repair guy, there is no way she wouldn’t have found out my dirty shameful little secret. Instead of bringing it up every time we have an argument, I got browny points for taking care of the problem…. So bad and yet so good!

My my accident was caused by a ricochet so there is definitely enough power to take out a tire with a pcp rifle with plenty to spare.

They didn’t make the same tires anymore so I needed to buy two new ones – close to a $500 bill. Needless to say, I won’t be doing that again.  It’s really that chipmunks fault anyway…