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You’ve hit on my ‘bette noir’ here  🙁

Parallax is NOT Focus.

Focus (or minimum Focus) is the ability to resolve or clearly see detail at ‘x‘ range

Parallax is the mis alignment within 3 things / planes – Human Eye, Reticle or Target Object and it rarely occurs in modern rifle scopes, (early AO or front mounted ranging scopes used fairly crude threads for the ‘AO’ lens to travel upon which could cause the Object AO lens to wobble about in its forward or backward movement).

IMO – an air rifle is useful within the 12 – 45 yard range (I’m in the UK and talking about 12 FPE, above 12FPE I would only extend that range to approx 60 yard*). Above those ranges a Rimfire or further out a Centrefire rifle is needed (IMO !). That’s just my idea about the ‘rifle capabilities’.

Scope capabilities are what we are talking about:

Scope A – capable of resolving detail / focussing at 12 yards out to 200 yards (scopes also have range limits folks!)
Scope B – capable of blah/blah ( 🙂 ) at 30 yards out to 400 yards.

As the ‘Pesters’ have said above, for airgun use it’s better to have a clear sighting image well below 30 yards OR the minimum possible distance you would take a clean kill.

*We dont have large critters to deal with and a clean shot is imperative.