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“NMshooter”AA has beautiful rifles but needs to “up their game” or they will continue to lose market share to FX, Kalibrgun,Daystate and the rest. There really is no reason for rifles at the $1,000.00 mark and up to not be regulated and moderated and a decent shot count! The safety and fill port are just small issues. The new Galahad .25 is rated at 32 FPE, really? Why would someone in the US buy this when their competitors are shooting at 40-50 FPE. Air Arms may find themselves like BSA (bought up by GAMO) if they don’t stay with the competition. I personally would like to have an AA rifle if they would make the necessary changes for the US market!!!!


Hope you are reading Air Arms!

Typical British behaviour, they know best and their way of doing things is the right one. Just look what happend to their car industry. 
 Imo the British air gun industry hasnt done anything nice or new in ages, just look at the bullpups. The Galahad is most likely the ugliest thing ever, and the pulsar is really close behind. 

Quite frankly I dont get the fuzz about air arms, the tx200 and pro sport are stunnig but their pcps are just boring middle of the road low tech rifles these days. Daystate do make some stunning gear but right now it feels like its kinda the same stuff over and over again. “special edition” my ss. 

end rant.