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The answer is going to be very subjective.  There’s pro’s and con’s to having low and high mounts but I think the most important thing being missed here is cheek weld.  First and foremost if your eye doesn’t line up to the centerline of the scope, you shouldn’t use it.  If you have to crane or move your head and neck every time you shoulder the gun, you’re doing it wrong.  A good test to see which height is best for you is to close your eyes, then shoulder your weapon as if you’re ready to fire, then open your eyes.  If you get a perfect sight picture, then that is the perfect scope height for you.  For me and my Vulcan bullpup, I find the Warne mounts in high line up for me nicely but everyone’s faces are different and it may not work as well for you.  

That being said, as long as the scope lines up to my eye, I do prefer the higher mounts.  Like Marksman said, it gives you the flatter trajectory out to around 50 yards.  When I use my scopes I use on my PBers on my air rifles, they all end up around 2.75″ above bore.  It’s not as comfortable for me as far as my eye lining up but I do like the fact that with a 25 yard zero I could use the crosshair to about 55 yards and it gets me to within 1/2″ of my target throughout.