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@sharroff and @snowboard223,

Some question for you on your Impact:1) Have you tried to put a quick disconnect  bipod on the lower rail?  Yes
2) Have you put a 1/8 MOA scope on your Impact? Yes, 50yd min adjustment was too short (Nikon Monarch 3). Worked great for prairie dogs at about 70yds. I did go back to a Hawke SW for now.
3) Have you tried low profile rings on your Impact? Yes, too low for my comfortable check position
4) Have you done a barrel swap on your Impact?  No, I have yet to purchase another barrel. Plan on the .177 though.
4a) After the barrel swap have you tried resighting with the same scope?  N/A based on #4 ^^
4b) After you go back to the original barrel did the scope setting for the initial sight in hold? ^^, barrel removal and re-installing same said barrel did not affect the POI. 
5) For #4 did your Impact come with the needed 1.5mm allen wrench?   The last toilet paper and towel holder I got at Lowes for $100 came with the needed allen wrench. I have a ton of tools from when I raced MX and had one on hand. They can be a pain to find though and do think it should come with one! Great point!
6) Have you shot your Impact over a chronograph to look at shot to shot variation and extreme spread? I have and had very consistent results on many different days. 
7) Have you taken apart your shroud and inspected it yet? Yes, be sure to have spare o-rings available due to sharp edges.
8) Have you tried adjusting your trigger yet to make it like the ‘match’ trigger that was advertised? I have and will say that the trigger is not what I expected, but still a great trigger none the less. 
9) Have you used your power wheel significantly and looked at wear or do you just shoot it at the same setting? Yes and I put a very small amount of grease on the cam to prevent the grinding against the parts(seems to work great). Another great point though. There should be a better design to prevent the gouging when adjusting. Point to make on this as well; be very sure the gun is not cocked when adjusting the power wheel. There is too much tension on the wheel if the gun is cocked and will create the greater potential for unnecessary gouging. 

I am an impact owner and have been for about 4 months now. I can’t remember the exact number of pellets I have through mine but I do know I am above 3300. I have had no issues with my impact to this point. Now, me being a happy owner, I have not been on the forum lashing out with my pride because I have been, like most have said, shooting my impact and having a blast to say the least.

I look at an airgun like a car as well. My take on it is not every car, corvette or malibu, will make everyone happy. Every person has their own qwerks and will not be happy about the curve of the windshield or the throw of the shifter etc. It simply depends on the persons wants compared to their expectations.

 I guess I don’t view the impact as a corvette. I view it more as the diesel pickup. The gun was designed to be a hunter and does it extremely well for me. It has the carry load of 16 rounds in my 25 as well as the mileage to put many rounds in .25 down range. If I miss with the impact, it is simply my fault.

Are there better guns out there for less, more than likely. I haven’t found any that would seem to give me what the impact has. I don’t do any EBR but have shot shotgun shells out to 100 with ease. I can’t say that I am a shot like Ted, but the gun doesn’t disappoint. If and when I get into longer range target shooting, I will purchase a gun much more fit to fill that void.  

So, all-in-all, this gun fits me for what I want to do with my shooting. I am a hunter with my rifles and personally love the compactness with the extendable shroud. I would hate to have the FX Boss or a RAW 1000 while ducking through trees to shoot pests, doves, pigeons, or coon. Are they great guns, yes, from what I have read, but doesn’t fit the “off road use” like I am after. 

I didn’t intend to hijack the thread in any way. Sharroff has always been forthcoming in his posts and a great contributor to this forum. Unfortunately, for this airgun, the shoe just didn’t fit. Best of luck selling the impact!