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“weatherby”I suppose they are mixed up all the way:)

The current Royale series in full power .25 versions seen in NL/Be have mostly 2 power settings.
However I have owned Swedish 10 joule .25 versions of the Bobcat MKII and a R500 black pepper, which both had 3 power settings.
I currently own a full power .177 R400 field target, and that one also has got 3 power settings.
Never seen a .177 or .22 Royale/Bobcat with only 2 power settings, I think it’s a .25 thing only.

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NL/BE as in Netherlands and Belgium???
Interesting that the versions vary from country to country. Anyhow, can you “upgrade” a 10 joule gun to a 45 joule gun, by simply changing the regulator?! (Assuming that that is how they lower the power?).
Now that you are mentioning it, I remember reading something about it as well. .25 only comes with two power settings and the .177/.22 in three. At least here in the USA, I guess…



Yup, indeed, Netherlands and Belgium:)
To crank up the power, the inner transfer port has to be drilled to 4.5mm, the valve retainer has to be drilled open to let it vent to atmospheric pressure, and a extra hammer weight has to be added.
The R500 was unregulated, the Bobcat MKII is always regulated.
I had to play around a bit with the reg pressure as well to get the Bobcat at the desired 60 joules.
Great guns though, I currently have 2, a Boss and the R400FT. After holidays in Sweden this number might increase again;)