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It’s a shooter!!! I took it out today and I love the WARP. First off its just a solid feeling gun even though it’s light. The over size bolt handle is awesome and I think a must just makes it so much easier compared to a disco or Mrod bolt. Super smooth cycling as well. I really like the retractable bolt feature as well. Next the trigger is amazing. Im glad all WAR guns come with a 2 stage now. The safety is in a good spot where you don’t need to move your hand to switch it on and off just use your thumb. The magazine is like a heavy duty Mrod one and works nicely. For how small this gun is it really packs a punch and Travis said mine isn’t even cranked up. It’s tuned for 880fps with 25.4 JSBs but there not coming until Tuesday. Luckily I had some H&N 31gr and at 25 yds I was shooting clovers with a rather crappy rest to sight it in so I’m happy with e accuracy. I did get some hunting in and made 2 50yd shots with it one pigeon and one collared dove. 2 for 2 so far. The gun isn’t that terribly loud with no baffles and LDC retracted but with the LDC extended and baffles in even at 44fpe it is a very quiet gun with the pellet impact being a lot louder. So far it’s everything I expected and I’m thrilled with it! Here’s a few pics.