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It works great. I can shoot a 8 round group at 25 yards that you can cover with a dime using the Xsight and a factory p-rod using polymag shorts. I orginaly sighted it in at night just fine.  I have a YouTube channel I’ll post a link of it in use…    

Quick hunting video

The full version install and sighting it in..

I also have a new night vision pigeon hunting video coming out in 2 days.
And a day time hunting video coming out in 3 days both using the xsight..

Bounis video I’m going to pigeon paradise tomorrow there is a ton of birds but I am using a utg 3-12 with a full utg kit on the gun I’m pridevting I run out of air in my buddy bottle before I run out of pigeons…   Video of this in about a week?

Video of kitting the gun out in 4 diff utg add on’s coming soon.

My YouTube channel name is
Urban Airgunner
And my channel icon or picture is the same rusty pellets you see here.