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“Chip”Bullpup? Got it. How about some sketches on what you think an attractive bullpup looks like since no one likes the Bulldog?

Fair request and since my sketch would look awful I’ll give some feedback on other models….

I think the EdGun would look great but the tragic flaw of the C shaped stock butt. No other lines on that gun are curved like that and they throw that one major curve shape in. It’s like someone failed design school. 

The Vulcan and FX Wildcat look the best to me. I think a designer needs to play it safe and make the firing chamber location all bull pup while the rest of the gun takes it’s cues from a traditional rifle. FX putting the action above the trigger on the wildcat is HUGE and makes that gun appeal to so many. I’m guessing everyone is working to copy that now and there’s no reason they shouldn’t, it’s more functional and looks great.