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I received my Impact .30 in April, after many phone calls & 7 months wait.  Everything looked good at first.  It is very easy to screw up this gun up if you do not read all the warnings in the manual regarding operation…there are a lot.  it will require a lot of memorization now to keep from making a damaging mistake.  First thing I did wrong was filling the gun to the capacity of my CF bottle; 4500 psi.(who ever heard of over 65 shots from a .30 cal PCP?);  next was trying to turn the power adjusting wheel while the hammer was in cocked position….(this will damage the wheel when there is spring tension against it). I also fired it a couple times with the bolt not closed completely and-double loaded it more than once.  All this after reading the booklet through several times and before I even had the first magazine emptied.  Too many things to think about at the same time; for me anyway.  Maybe I am just getting too old. 
  Anyway, after finally getting my scope mounted, I couldn’t hit the target board at 10 meters.  After I cranked the scope turrets all the way to the limits it was still off an inch to the right and low. (see previous posts).  That was3 months ago when I gave up and switched back to my trusty Marauder.    I determined the used scope I had bought for the Impact was ok, by borrowing and trying another one, which also showed a strong tendency to shoot low and to the right.  The shot grouping at 30 yards was not what I was expecting from this gun either, (about 3/4 inch at 30 yds indoors). My Marauder shoots groups half that size.  I am less than impressed with this gun considering the past quality FX is known for.  I have to say that I think they got in a bit over their heads on this one.  the trade off for the feature-rich design appears to result in a delicate gun which is complex and not very user friendly.   I bought it for the, light weight compact size, collapsible silencer, 14 shot .30 caliber magazine capacity,  big 500cc carbon bottle, and reputed long range accuracy, but it has been disappointing so far. Now, after thinking about it for too long, I am ready to try calling AOA (once again), to see if they will replace the barrel,  if I have to send the whole gun back and how long it will take.  I have never in my life sent anything back to a dealer or manufacturer, probably because I hardly ever buy anything new; I don’t like it but it appears I have little choice.  Hopefully I can get a straight barrel before I die of old age or a state martial-law gets declared. 
BTW, unlike my marauder, this gun will keep on firing, when the mag is empty, in which case you will always miss; So I have to learn to count my shots now too.