Post #270615Because this tutorial is awesome and super helpful! thank you! Stoti
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Post #349620Good info
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Post #334403Helped me out with troubleshooting LW barrel blank problems.
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Post #270615Very thorough and enlightening!
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Post #271080Amen
Post #270664Great information! Very well done tutorial, Thanks! Gwelo
Post #270615Excellent tutorial!
Post #270615FX Crown reg tutorial.
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Post #207649Gr8 explanation
Post #207604For good info. Dirte\'
Post #206842Confirmation of the truth is nice, and also illustrates the efficacy of doing one\'s homework before commenting on issues without any personal knowledge.
Post #205105Very helpful info across a variety of subjects!
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Post #191725Geez man even after you tell em . their response is ill just live with and keep in mind. Wonder we aint all dead.
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Post #159520Exactly what I was looking for.
Post #151545walked me through fixing a reg problem, nailed the issue.
Post #151258Always steps in to help the FX guys with problems. He has helped me several time.
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Post #146471Uncalled for and a dick move. People ask questions to learn. Some people like the interaction of the forum so they ask a question here versus just looking it up. You should get more than 1 negative for your statement.
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