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Post #1032564Great review and comparisons between the Avenger and Cayden! - Peskadot671
ProfileFastest payment ever! Quick to cal dibs and payed even quicker!!
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Post #1136638Excellent post on Impact compacts
Post #1125283This is a very well written and rational statement to add perspective to a topic that could potentially and likely devolve into petty bickering. Thank you.
Post #1118520Good to know!
Post #1119810Spot on evaluation of the 380mm Crown barrel. Game changer.
Post #1118520I really appreciate ALL your help ! Brian
Post #1112341helpful
Post #1107098Shared info about pellet availability that I needed
Post #1098598An honest man. +1
Post #1077125Provide good data quickly
Post #1050047Good site for airguns accessories. First time seeing it. Thanks for the introduction. - Ezana4CE
Post #1049980Very helpful advice on those entry level guns, carefully worded, with concrete details. Thanks! | Matthias / JungleShooter
Post #1048904helpful feedback
Post #1032564Great write up. Thoughtful and informative.
Post #1032564Good, honest review. Am I using this right?
Post #1004356Love the dialogue and open-minded conversation
ProfileGreat seller! Very responsive the rifle was shipped extremely quickly and well
Post #993483Nice documentation
ProfileCouldn\'t have said it better myself!
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ProfileGreat Seller, packs well and ships fast
Post #965392Good info - thanks for the link
Post #958196Thanks, just ordered some FX 25.39s!
ProfileGreat seller. We have bought a couple of guns from him and couldn\'t be happier.
Post #952849Good find. Thanks Campfuss
Post #952849Great tip on the magnetic fill nipple covers!
Post #952849Good man for sharing a find. JD
Post #883734Helpful information
Post #941379very kaind
Profilefast payment thank you!
Post #938583Being helpful, thank you! Cliff
Post #938583Good suggestion about the concrete pavers beneath shooting table. Thanks.
Post #926217Excellent explanation on this!
ProfileI watch people closely. This fellow is a Gentleman and a great contributor to the airgun community, helps anyone he can. JD
ProfileA+ seller highly recommended thanks!
ProfileA+ seller quick ship no nonsense seller HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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Post #853900You\'re Welcome!
Post #825226...great and timely info...helpful...
Post #817850Agree
Post #817850Well said
Post #804358Good one Hahaha