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    LCS SK-19 and Taipan Compact On Sale Today ..

    We have a small number of full and semi auto 25 calibers ready for immediate and free delivery.. https://talontunes.com/shop/sk-19-automatic-air-rifle/
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    Summer Sale At TalonTunes...

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    FX 300 bar/580 cc Bottles

    These are available now for immediate delivery..
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    AGT Vulcan 3 Are In Stock..

    A Couple of delays but they are here in stock... https://talontunes.com/shop/vulcan-3/ First thing we did was flip the reservoir to convert to the massive plenum this gun...
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    Uragan 2 At TalonTunes

    We are taking pre orders for the Uragan 2, King and Prince [B][I]https://talontunes.com/shop/uragan-2/ [ATTACH...
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    On Sale Now.. Short Sale Low Inventory https://talontunes.com/shop/rti-prophet-compact-performance-2021/...
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    Need A Quick Fill?...TalonTunes Field Bottle

    Need a fill at the bench or in the field? Here is a convenient 700cc at 300 bar for you. [HEADING=1][I][B]Full Kit Includes: 700cc cf bottle, Valve, Gauge, DIN Male Adaptor, 1/8″BSP...
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    New Inventory At TALONTUNES..

    https://talontunes.com/ ...
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    Taipan Veterans On Sale With Free Shipping

    Enter FREESHIP365 At checkout All Our Veterans have CZ Barrels https://talontunes.com/?s=taipan&post_type=product...
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    Airgun Technology Regulator Tester

    This is a sneak peek of our regulator tester for Airgun Technology rifles. This unit will save you hours when a precision tune is necessary. Will work with all AGT rifles. Proudly made in America by...