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Post #1061369Do you feel better?
Post #1028749POW! Well put.
Post #1028749He knows what’s what.
Post #1028749Wells said. Now here is a member with pride in our community.
ProfileGood deal and great guy to work with! Thanks John
ProfileGreat guy. Honest and fair.
ProfileGreat guy. Great seller. An asset to AGN.
Profilesmooth transaction, trusted seller. A+ member
Profiletrusted seller, smooth transaction
ProfileGreat buying experience. Awesome person to deal with. Thanks again!!!
ProfilePackaging and delivery of the products I bought were perfect in every way..
ProfileGood seller
ProfileThank you for the trade. I am happy with the results. JimNM
ProfileGood guy to trade with. Happy to give and receive advice. Shoot\'em good!
ProfileExcellent recent experience with a trade/transaction we had. I give my Highest Recommendations! Thank you again! DirtyDovi / Sam -
Post #667245Excellent advise and an encouragement to others . Thank you kind Sir.
ProfileGood explanation on 20MOA rail
ProfileGreat seller! -Matt247365
ProfileSharing great info ~ zx10wall
Post #540741Thanks for the advice. 2many...
Post #523797Accurate statement about our awesome community! Gunner1985/matthew
Post #512689Thank you for this thread.
Post #512689I feel you man and totally agree. Stoti
Post #501900Good comparison Vulcan2 vs Wildcat. C\'Cut
ProfileExcellent , honest seller. vdwb
ProfileGood dude! GUNNER1985/MATTHEW
ProfileFast shipping great to do business with
Post #464793This guy sold me a gun that does sub MOA at 50+ yrds! (I wanna say he\'s NUTS!). Here\'s a guy that stands by his word...all our transaction have been flawless. AGN, this guy shaves off $300+ on his sales...everything he posts is a steal....My man!
Post #455699Asking reasonable pricing questions of a member who seems to always try to swindle others.
Post #446633Well said. Campfuss
ProfileAnother postive buying experience from rangur1
ProfileFair and reasonable seller. Direct and no BS.