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Post #511650well thought out explanation.
Post #558418Good feedback. Thanks.
ProfileJerry Lee Lewis would be proud. Campfuss
ProfileGreen ball for owning his mistakes like I have. That’s how a man should be. JD
Post #510318Green ball for humor & not caring if liked or not. Can’t please all the people all the time. His honesty is respectable.
ProfileHeads up on Springer Lounge
Post #467632Fair price compared to others who want $125 or more to reseal.
Post #427670great photo of your redball t-shirt !
Post #435066Excellent response. Great info.
Post #411993Thanks
Post #402145Looks like you got some red ball love, too. Lol Great post about the 760. Two remotes for the same tv? Lololol
Post #399989Good post.
Post #398116GOOD HUMOR