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Post #1177416Great info.
ProfileHe does not post often, when he does, it is always an interesting post
Post #1098816Always a helpful member of the airgun community. JD
Post #1063530Community awareness
Post #1050118That was a very helpful (and humble) account of your near-desaster — helping all of us to review our desaster preparedness when out in the wild. | Praise God you are safe! | Matthias / JungleShooter
Post #1035010Super helpful
Post #968796Your sense of humor is welcome
Post #937348Well said. Trading freedom for safety is a fool\'s errand.
Post #936675Keep on keeping on in CA -HPAman
Post #917631Good post
Post #825598Haha funny, awesome post.
ProfilePretty cool of you!!! Stoti
Post #705828Good guy... Yo!
Post #705883nice gesture...sonny
ProfileThanks for the offer. Love this forum!
Post #615528Christ is all.......Merry Christmas brother.
Post #589690We never went to the Moon, worth a green bean
ProfileThanks for the shoutout! - Airgun Advisor
Post #536782Nice post and shout out to some good, under-appreciated youtubers
Post #525235Good thought
ProfileThanks for the helpful info! Much appreciated! - DirtyDovi / Sam -
Post #444553Awesome story man!
Post #291284To compensate negativity.
Post #288544thanks for your open and honest post ..sonny