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ProfileGreat Seller! Driving tacks with my new Cricket .25.
Post #609097I made a promise to my wife, didn’t think that trough!!!
Post #578171you did a excellent job figuring out my cheek piece on the puncher breaker & all the other stuff you printed for me Thanks Darell/kayaker
Post #540595Looks like a must have item for us Cricket owners. Campfuss
Post #530419I have personal knowledge his information is correct.
ProfileFor helping me make my rifle and airgunning experience better! -mmahoney
ProfileGood guy. Great products and service!
Post #479833Good job
Post #455211great products
Post #469286Contributing mods for Taipan that really work and add to gun\'s function!
ProfileVery much appreciate his willingness to share information and resources.
Profilecame through in a pinch, saved my day!
Post #452420Best hunting story I’ve read yet. Boog
Post #412802Excellent information on Nova Freedom schematics.
Post #388170Good info
Post #387962nice advice and vid to explain adjustments to scope....sonny