Post #621082Great advice from a fellow RedWolf guy! --Carl \'Oregun\'
Post #601719Thanks, I would have the gun in your avatar over an impact or daystate any day.
ProfileFor making me laugh at you misfortune! Glad no real harm was done :)
Post #528121Good advice.
ProfileThank you for answering my questions about the BM. -Matt
Post #518610Ha ha I love it. Lots of truth in this statement.
Post #462023I\'m with you on this one
Post #418108constructive and interesting observation
Post #401234Feedback on the Airgun Advisor video.
Post #393548Thanks for bringing these up! Kmd.
ProfileThanks for taking the time to measure your action and send me the dimension! /smh77
Post #391722Helpful info. Thank you
ProfileGreat member to deal with. Thank you
Post #338541Love it!
Post #349981Well said
Post #137463Knowledge is power to the pellet !!
Post #105641+1 AJ