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Post #828683Always very helpful and informative.
Post #828683Thanks will try it
Profilethank you for your service....sonny
Post #400178Good post!
Post #457743Good info. Thanks for sharing.
Post #452957Exactly
Post #400178Excellent advice on shooting raccoons with a low fpe rifle.
Post #382202thanks for the info on that gun case ...sonny
Post #349676Ed your knowledge is unsurpassed in this area. What a blessing you are to the AG community 😉 Campfuss
Post #342763Squirrel pic was awesome. Thanks for sharing it!
Post #342771Defining long range
Post #342689Great A Team parallax adjustment link.
Post #323251accurate info !
Post #323251Completely agree. If it is not an \"honest\" review then it is a sales pitch.
Post #309922Good job
Post #280540Ed, you\'re a real treasure to the airgun community. Thanks Campfuss!
Post #225479Expert advice makes this forum so valuable. Thanks for being a part of it.
ProfileGood contributions!
Post #177907Nice additional info! Tom
Post #177907Very informative presentation on scopes. Nice job
Post #177824Thanks for always being willing to type out a detailed reply for the education of others.
Post #156867Pictures are very helpful
Post #158872good post
Post #160582good post Ed
Post #157027Thanks Ed, really good information there.
ProfileGlad to see your on board Ed, learned a lot from your posts. Still shooting the targets you gave me thanks. Eric
Post #156613solid info regarding air rifle transition to powder burners
Post #155995An accurate early post. Really glad to see you here. Don\'t let those chuckleheads sour you on GTA. This forum is great, but less traffic. -Smaug
Post #93435Glad to see you here Sir!! Ed is a wonderful addition to this forum as he possesses alot of valuable knowledge and is a great airgun ambassador!! AJ
Post #93340he\'s correct