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    Watch & Discuss the Airforce Texan .357

    Have been looking at the AirForce guns for a long time. Winning one would be pretty cool.
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    I am wanting to start Field Target and have a gun capable of sub 12flbs for pests on a horse property. 
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    Kalibrgun Cricket II Tactical .30 + Share n' Compare + AEAC video + RDW!!!

    Those both look like good guns. Looking to get a new gun soon.
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    7 Days of ZAN - Day 7

    My guess is 1223 26.5 grain / .250 28 grain / .250 HP
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    7 Days of ZAN - Day 6

    My guess is 1223 ZAN 26.5 gr/.250 mkII ZAN 28 gr/.250 Hp
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    .25 Flashpup slug vs pellets.

    My Flashpup also likes the JSB 25.39 kings. They shoot great after sorting. From what I have seen online, the Flashpup will be a pellet slinger. I will hold on to the 2 boxes of hybrids for the Fx.
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    .25 Flashpup slug vs pellets.

    I have a want to shoot slugs in my .25 Flashpup. Problem, the FX hybrid don’t shoot well. Like minute of cookie sheet. Has anyone found a way that they can tune the Flashpup to shoot slugs or should it just be a pellet slinger? I am looking to get the Maverick in .25 in a few months, but if they...
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    Tuning AEAC Video - FX Maverick Tuning Guide + EPIC RDW !!!

    Love all your content Steve! Keep it coming
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    Watch & Discuss the Daystate Red Wolf .177 HP Air Rifle!!

    I watched the review....amazing