Post #833956for excellent review and not killing the raccoon...sonny
Post #832011awesome video of the SAM m-rod
ProfileMy number one go to for advice.
Post #824016Honest NO BS review! Purchased with your own money!
Post #469115Great review
ProfileGreat seller
Post #608853Great vid on the Priest2!
Post #599243Take criticism constructively. Great ambassador for air gunning. 2manyAirGunz
Post #599243Handled this like a professional! NM
Post #598556Nice job! Fungun
ProfileThanks for the great videos. The quality, presentation and info in your new reviews are great! Major improvements!!! Thanks sir! Gunner1985/Matthew
Post #581444Takin it to the next level. Great video , Campfuss
ProfileGreat info man, thanks! -ghost
Post #519448Thank you for posting. Say hi to Homeboy Roy for me! -Matt247365
Post #537288great review, thanks!
ProfileExcellent buyer! Easy transaction
Post #456197like your attitude! seem like a good guy to me.....sonny
ProfileThanks for putting on a fun contest!
Post #476801cause he\'s a awesome dude!
Profilealways had full confidence in dealing with him.
Post #475837just cause
Post #475773just to keep your spirits up. Keep going!
Post #469967Could sell ice to an Eskimo
Post #462490Video Helped Me Gain Insight
Post #453700Informative Thanks!
Post #465437Helpful
Post #462803Great response.
Post #462803Way to handle it Nate. Campfuss
ProfileFor courage and perseverance.
Post #453700Good job. I really enjoy your enthusiasm. Seems like you are having fun. TheGoose
ProfileGlad to see you out of the hole. Green is good :)
Post #448243Good reviews. No issues.
ProfileGreat post
ProfileEven I will come to the aid of a crying baby in the street and will sooth and give you comfort. I will tell you everything will be ok and let you cry on my shoulder
Post #448243He\'s an honest seller
Post #448243trying hard to get his channel going
Post #448243Hang in there Nate, maybe the pos will outweigh the neg soon? Campfuss!
Post #448243Deserves an A for effort
ProfileI don\'t get it?The guy goes through all the trouble to make moves,then people sit on their ass and complain its not what they like?maybe they should try doing one them selve\'s\"
Post #448336Keep doing what your doing and don\'t worry about others think. Enjoy the sport! ~Oregun
Post #448281I think he has the right attitude for a young fan of air rifles
Post #447739Nice write-up for beginners
Post #448281For your perseverance. And to counter undeserved negatives. 2manyAirGunZ
Post #448281Great guy, good to deal with !
Post #448243Definitely some undeserving negs. Seems a sort of frenzy by certain sorts smelling blood in the water.
Post #448243This guy works his ass off trying to bring us information and entertainment. Sure he\'s not right 100% of the time but WHO IS? Bottom line is that he gets out there and actively tries to be a positive energy here on AGN.
Post #448243funny positive videos,
Post #447739Thanks, finally someone explaining *filling* at my vocabulary level!
Post #440138Takes his time to provide entertaining videos and keeps a positive attitude...even when criticized. MSL.
Post #440138I think your little buddy needs some attention. Great friend to have.
Post #440138Good info.
ProfileHang in there and keep improving. Gotta give you a + for cont. onward. Keep your chin up! NM
ProfileFor continuing to follow the classified rules. keep up the good work! Mod2
ProfileNice guy. Timely responses to questions. Very helpful info.
ProfileGotta get those Green Balls back for Home Boy Roy! Campfuss
Post #426200Good channel (manometer, not nanometer)
ProfileKeep the vids coming Nate. Hope your New Year is a Blast!
ProfileGreat review on Hatsan. Lot of time put into it.
Post #268654Now that was a Blast
Post #349210This guy is a laugh RIOT!!
Post #337184thank you for good effort
Post #337184good info obviously researched the data involved
Post #334082Good advice.
Post #326159This guy got off to a rough start here at AGN but I genuinely think this guy loves airguns and he’s went out of his way to make some informative videos, Nate’s cool in my book!
Post #325384Good post! Keep working your way up the \'Likes\' ladder!
Post #321991Handled the ROSSO broken stock debacle like a champ -Matt247365
Post #320643Good actual review, keep it up.
ProfileSold him a co2 pistol good working with him
Post #300101You need a dang plus! Lol But yeah your videos are kinda trash
Post #305379X
ProfileA+ buyer!
Post #300271Now THAT is a review, good job bud. Glem
Post #300271video informitive
ProfileFor reaching out to me.
Post #247584Trying to be helpful
Post #247695Handled your mistake like a champ Nate. Well done. Merry Christmas. Campfuss
Post #240078Thanks for sharing. CampFuss
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ProfileFor having a mature and understanding attitude.
Post #229259OK by me.